Reverse Logic Corvette Pads - PAIR
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Use the Reverse Logic Corvette Pads in combination with Jackpoint Recessed Pads to safely lift your C7 Corvette. The C7 Corvette has less clearance around the lift point for the rocker panel covers than the C5 or C6. If you want to use Jackpoint Jackstands on your C7 we suggest this pad and our Recessed pad. The Recessed pads can be ordered as a substitute for the Standard or Low Profile pads with your jack stand order or alone if you already have Jackpoint bases. The Low Profile pads will work fine with C5 or C6 Corvettes without any other pad, but we recommend the Reverse Logic pads for lifting the C7. The pricing is for 1 pair of Reverse Logic pads. Contact us to buy a single pad for $21 plus shipping.

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Reverse Logic Corvette Pads - PAIR

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