Jackpoint Jackstands Matte Finish with Recessed Pads
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Jackpoint jack stands also work with the jack pads and adapters you already own. Just select Jackpoint jacks stands with recessed pads and use your existing pads or purchase them from us. The Jackpoint recessed pad has a 3.5" diameter recess to accept your jack adapters. This combination works great with pads from Reverse Logic, ECS, ZL1 Addons, True Forged, and others. You can order Reverse Logic pads directly from us and have them shipped with your Jackpoint Jackstands order. This is a great option if you have several different cars that use different aftermarket pads or adapters or if you've been using a common puck. The Jackpoint jack stands with recessed pads combined with Reverse Logic Corvette pads is a great solution for the new C7 Corvette chassis.

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Jackpoint Jackstands Matte Finish with Recessed Pads

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