Jackpoint Block Pads - pair
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The Jackpoint Block Pad is designed to fit the factory lift points on BMW and Mercedes vehicles. It also works on many vehicles with pinch weld lift points where the manufacturer indicates lifting the vehicle ON THE EDGE OF THE PINCH WELD like the new Mustang and Focus. Our block pad is an alternative to the Reverse Logic adapter blocks which adapt our low profile pad to work on Mercedes and BMW lift points. The adapter blocks are still the way to go if you need our low profile pad for another vehicle in your garage. Our Block Pads are sold in pairs or they can be substituted in your order for Jackpoint Jackstands in place of the standard or low profile pads for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. As always, you can contact us at info@jackpointjackstands.com for details or questions.

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Jackpoint Block Pads - pair

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