Brunnhoelzl BRI-002 Low Profile Aluminum Racing Jack
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 This Brunnhoelzl Racing Jack combines the low 2.4 inch minimum height of the Brunnhoelzl Pro Series Racing Jacks at a great price savings of over $400.  True racing jacks go lower than the industry standard 3.5" minimum height of imported "racing style" jacks and allow better access for lower, high performance cars.  This American made, all aluminum jack is finish in a stunning brushed aluminum finish and ships with a one piece handle (in a separate box).  A 2 piece handle that makes transporting the jack in your car easier can be substituted for the 1 piece handle for a $50 charge.  This is a great low profile jack that works great with Jackpoint jack stands.  Order this jack with your Jackpoint Jackstands and save an additional $25.

  • Item #: BRI-002JP

Brunnhoelzl BRI-002 Low Profile Aluminum Racing Jack

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