Argo Low Jack
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  Argo's Low Jack has a minimum lift height of 3" and is manufactured by Argo Manufacturing Company in Illinois.  The Argo Low Jack features a low overall body height of only 4.5” – giving many the option of locating the jack further under a vehicle to reach a lift point.  Like the Extra Low Profile Jacks, the Low Jack has twin rubber wheel casters and a roller bearing front roller for smooth maneuvering.  The jack used anodized aluminum components for a durable finish and features a steel lift arm.  The Argo Low Jack’s overall dimensions are compatible with the Jackpoint jack stand system.  The Argo Low Jack has a maximum lift height of 17” and weighs 33 lbs. We suggest the Argo jack with a 6 pump power unit, but faster options are available for an extra charge.  The Argo jack ships with a one piece handle in a separate box, but a 2 piece handle can be specified for $50.  Order the Argo Low Jack with your Jackpoint Jackstands and save $50 on the combined order.  Argo jacks are made in the USA.  THE ARGO LOW JACK IS SPECIAL ORDER BUT GENERALLY SHIPS WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS.  CONTACT US FOR ORDERING AT INFO@JACKPOINTJACKSTANDS.COM.

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Argo Low Jack

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