Argo Extra Low Profile Flat Jack
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Argo's Extra Low Profile Flat Jack has a minimum lift height of 2.2".  It is a professional aluminum racing jack manufactured by Argo Manufacturing Company in Illinois.  The Argo Extra Low Profile Jack features twin rubber wheel casters and a roller bearing front roller for smooth maneuvering.  The jack used anodized components for a durable finish.  Argo customizes their all aluminum RP555 Flat Jack to work with Jackpoint jack pads and the  Argo jack’s overall dimensions are compatible with our jack stand system.  We suggest the Argo jack with a 6 pump power unit, but faster options are available for an extra charge.  The Extra Low Profile Jack has a maximum lift height of 18" and weighs 32 lbs.  The Argo jack ships with a one piece handle in a separate box, but a 2 piece handle can be specified for $50.  Order the Argo Extra Low Profile Jack with your Jackpoint Jackstands and save $100 on the combined order.  Argo jacks are made in the USA and rated at 1 ton.  THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT THAT SHIPS WITHIN ABOUT ONE WEEK.  CONTACT US FOR ORDERING AT INFO@JACKPOINTJACKSTANDS.COM.

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Argo Extra Low Profile Flat Jack

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