JackPoint Jackstand Pair - Brushed Finish
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Finally, the answer to the question - "Where do I put my jack stand?"  The patented design of JackPoint Jackstands provides the only jack stand that will use your floor jack to lift and support your car on the same factory jacking location.  JackPoint Jackstands with a brushed, polished finish have a smooth satin finish that really complements your special car.  Great for shows or the ultimate garage.  These stands are finished one at a time by a skilled artisan using a multi-step process.  These stands are hand selected and are a custom product that has limited availability.  SPECIAL ORDER ONLY AVAILABLE IN 2 - 4 WEEKS.  CONTACT US FOR ORDERING to specify pad type and receive information about availability.

href="mailto:info@jackpointjackstands.com">info@jackpointjackstands.com for availabiltiy and price.  B.   Price varies according to finish and condition.

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JackPoint Jackstand Pair - Brushed Finish

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